When Worlds Collide (Tribeca Film Festival)

Today in Tribeca Film Festival’s Lincoln Lounge we talked about When Worlds Collide: Technology & the Evolution of Visual Storytelling with some fantastic panelists…

From L to R:
Moderator Debra Anderson, Datavized founder
Stephanie Riggs, Sunchaser Entertainment (Creator, Kanju)
Stephen Martell (Current Studios, Co-Creator – Tribeca ReActor)
Janicza Bravo (Creator, Hard World for Small Things)
Jon Ollwerther (Aerobo)

Whether creating an immersive experience which puts you in the center of an iconic film, flying drones through New York City and beyond, or creating 360 degree visual experiences shot in real time, technology has never offered more exciting ways to break visual boundaries. Hear from some of the pioneers and innovators who are not only shooting in new and unique ways, but also helping to shape the technology that is used for filmmakers and storytellers throughout the industry as a result.


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