Immersive Virtual Reality & Suicide Prevention Pt. 1

Thank you to Paul Vogelzang for having us on his Not Old – Better podcast in support of the Fly VR Project, which already has 858,000 plays on Soundcloud.

Fly VR is an immersive music video inspired by Dusty Wright‘s song “Fly”.  Inspired by the tragic suicide of a young New York City woman, “Fly” is a call to overcome for all who suffer from emotional pain. With this inspiring use of immersive technology, we are aiming to raise awareness of, create empathy for, and provide hope for those dealing with suicide and depression. 

The Not Old – Better podcast is geared towards the 74 million people over age 55 individuals in North America. This is a particularly important group to reach out to as suicide rates in older adults is higher than in younger adults. It was an honor to be on this podcast to start raising awareness and funds for this project, which also has a very personal meaning for me.

You can listen to Part 1 here. 

You can make a tax deductible donation to the FlyVR project here.


From Paul, on the podcast: Part 1 of Immersive Virtual Reality & Suicide Prevention:
My guests today on The Not Old Better Show are Dusty Wright, and he’s joined in his home studio via Skype, with colleagues, Director, Stephanie Riggs and Producer, Serena Belsby. Please note the links to everyone’s details, but it is an august group. Talented and respected.  Join us for a great show, tour de force, but, I must tell you, right at the outset, while this project is a powerful, brilliant application of VR, it is also the result of a tragic suicide.  One the one hand, a thoughtful, inspired, and intelligent deployment of the virtual reality technology. And, on the other hand, a brutal, difficult subject which galvanized this team and their solution.  This is a personal subject for me and my family, as well as many others.  It’s important to discuss this, as hard as it may be. As reminder, please check out The Not Old Better web site where you’ll find links to where you can go check out all the material, and how best to contribute and get involved. You can easily go directly to Sunchaser Entertainment and click “Donate.”  Donations are tax deductible. 

Tomorrow I’ll post Part 2 of the interview with Paul.

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