Creating Digital Societies in VR

The standing room only BOF presentation “Creating Digital Societies in VR” was presented by Blair Erickson along with Adrian Herbez, Bill Booth and myself at SIGGRAPH16.

You can watch the entire presentation here, thanks to Bob Yen.

Here’s a quick recap:

Starting as far back as Habitat, we discuss early versions of digital societies including A Tale in the Desert, Second Life, and PlayStation Home. Then we take a look at some of today’s digital societies: Facebook, Reddit, Periscope. But across the board, the creators of digital societies are failing us.

After discussing those shortcomings, we looked at how virtual reality and other revolutionary technologies offer the chance to overcome them in a dynamic and meaningful way. We also premiered our research creating an early-stages prototype of a digital society in VR: Sagea. There’s no footage of the actual demo of Sagea in the link, which is under lock and key in development. Curiously enough though, much of the Q&A afterwards was directed towards the social implications of potential digital societies rather than the technology itself. Which is a rare feat at SIGGRAPH!

Many thanks to Blair, Adrian, and Bill who worked tirelessly on Sagea and this presentation as well as to SIGGRAPH chairs who embraced our vision and let us share it with such a dynamic community.

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